S. Thomas – April 2018

Our son and daughter in law stayed last year (they travel from Guernsey so hired a car from Grenoble) and loved it so this is why they returned and we came too to look after their 4 month old baby! We didn’t ski but loved all the walks and cafes, everyone was very friendly. We thought the whole set up was excellent, especially for families and feel sure there will be an influx from Guernsey!


Beechwood Park School – April 2018

Thank you for all your work in setting up our extremely successful ski trip. It really did go extremely well:

  • Great coach and drivers
  • Timings worked well – and we had the fastest possible return journey
  • Great to have a single occupancy hotel and situated in such a safe and beautiful location
  • Fantastic service at the ski hire / storage
  • Great Après Ski – we loved the cross country skiing, the pizza and karaoke and swimming
  • Superb ski instruction and wonderful having the five ski groups, meaning that everyone made excellent progress and needs could be catered for
  • Amazing support in terms of transport (when we had ill or injured children)
  • I could go on…

It really was a top trip!

Oliver Bullock

Deputy Head (Academic) and Chaplain

Beechwood Park School

Reid Family – April 2018

Picturesque with a lovely selection of shops, bars and restaurants. So happy. A fantastic experience for our family. Catered for all our needs.

Mr G MacLeary – April 2018

Lovely, authentic, small Italian village – it is what it is, and perfect for our needs (a family, not going out at night). I can’t comment on the apres ski as we stayed in our hotel, which was perfect.

Stef in the office was very helpful, as were all the others in the office. It really comes across that customer service has been drummed into the staff! All went out of their way to be helpful, which makes it feel like a real holiday where you’re being looked after very well.

Brech Family – April 2018

Both drivers efficient and friendly. We love the bag of goodies we are given upon arrival, we all love to dig into the snacks! Just makes the whole experience more personal which gives you the edge on the big coach transfers …!

I LOVE your ski school, it is what brings us back (along with your service). My eldest had Craig – what a star he was, really taught Rory who made massive progress and who just loved the lessons as Craig took them here there and everywhere and taught them that skiing was all about fun and not awards. My youngest had Charlie who was equally as brilliant and Albie really found his skiing legs this year. Very happy boys and very happy parents.